About Clair L. Goldberg Psy.D., BCN

About Me

With over 20 years of clinical work and ongoing professional trainings, my belief that it is never too late to change and grow continues to be reinforced.  This knowledge guides my path toward helping my patients heal and flourish.

Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of settings and with a wide range of patients.  This has included psychiatric adult and forensic psychiatric inpatient units, hospital adult and adolescent outpatient clinics, and a family and child guidance center.  Additionally I was formerly the Director of the Student Counseling Center at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. Currently I am in private practice in Montclair, NJ.  My wide range of clinical work and professional trainings has given me a breadth of experience and a deeper understanding of the many life challenges my patients face.  In addition to my private practice, I teach the Neurophysiology of Trauma as part of the Integrative Trauma Program at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies, NYC.

My deepening appreciation of the importance of understanding the impact of early life experiences on our neurophysiology has informed the expansion of my clinical interests and work.  With this understanding, my client-centered approach draws from psychodynamic theory and interpersonal neurobiology research. I integrate psychotherapy with neuromodulation techniques including neurofeedback, heart rate variability training, neuromeditation and somatic experiencing.  In this way, I am better able to help my clients change and grow in a deeper and more holistic way. While engaged in a warm, empathic and holding therapeutic relationship, the addition of neuromodulation techniques has given my patients an opportunity to experience change at a much deeper level.

In addition to my direct clinical work and teaching, I have continued to expand my interest in exploring the importance of meditation and self-regulation.  I have integrated this interest with my knowledge of neurophysiology and have completed training in neuromeditation, that is understanding how our brain and neurophysiology is positively impacted by different forms of meditation.  With this knowledge, I have added the use of neurofeedback to also enhance meditation practices in my clinical practice.   My interest in this area led me to become an original member of a cohort of mental health experts who worked closely with Thich Nhat Hanh’s Buddhist community in Plum Village, France, helping them become a more trauma informed community and integrating the use of neurofeedback into their practice.



I hold state licenses to practice psychology in New Jersey and New York states.

  • New Jersey License# 35SI00413900
  • New York License# 014263


  • Psy.D. in Psychology from Yeshiva University, Ferkauf School of Psychology, Bronx, NY
  • MA in Psychology from Yeshiva University, Ferkauf School of Psychology, Bronx, NY
  • B.SC. Hons in Psychology from University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Clinical Experience

  • Montclair Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates, Montclair, NJ
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates, Private Practice, Montclair, NJ
  • Jewish Theological Seminary, New York, NY
  • Summit Psychological Services, Summit, NJ
  • Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
  • Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
  • North Central Bronx Hospital, Bronx, NY
  • Fifth Avenue Counseling Center, New York, NY
  • Pain Service, Memorial Sloane Kettering, New York, NY

Other Professional Work

  • Adjunct Professor, Integrative Trauma Program, National Institute of Psychotherapies, New York, NY
  • Invited Lectures, Neurophysiology of Trauma and Neurofeedback, Mt. Sinai and St. Luke's Hospital, New York, NY

Professional Association Memberships

  • New Jersey Psychological Association
  • International Society for NeuroRegulation and Research
  • EEGer Affiliate