Brainwave entrainment is a form of therapy in which, by listening to sounds at a specific frequency, one's own brain waves begin to match those frequencies. While neurofeedback therapy teaches the brain to do something differently, entrainment is more about the brain following and mirroring. In other words: the sounds can be used to encourage us to enter certain states but cannot teach us how to enter them on our own.

The following sounds were created in collaboration with Gabriel Slon, who owns the rights to each track. Each of the sounds here should be listened to with headphones or earbuds, as they are binaural.

Alpha 10hz is a calming frequency that mirrors our quiet resting state, which is also often the dominant rhythm in adults:

Gamma 40 hz
is often used for healing in those living with Alzheimers and Parkinson's, as well as for pain management, clarity of thought and creativity:

I hope these sounds are able to help you in your journey towards calm and healing.